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Duplexers are an important part of any repeater station. At Omaha Communication Systems, we can tune your duplexers for whatever needs you may have – repeater site on a 300′ tower, DVM hotspot, DVRS, or transportable repeater. We have the equipment and knowledge to ensure your radios are operating at their peak. Most radios can be aligned automatically, and rush jobs can be turned around in under 24 hours. Additionally, we utilize an atomic frequency reference to ensure that your alignments are as accurate as possible. This means that we can tune your radios faster and more accurately than the competition.

We can tune/align any flat pack/notch duplexer or band-pass/band-reject (BpBr) duplexer. If you’re confused on what’s what, notch duplexers tend to be fairly small, about the size of a tablet computer but an inch or two thick. BpBr duplexers are much larger and usually take up about as much space as the repeater they’re attached to.

Questions? Email us at contact@omahacomms.com and ask.

This service includes tuning for most duplexers. Additional fees may be assessed for duplexers that are obscure or require special equipment to tune. Purchaser is responsible for shipping or pickup/dropoff to and from the tuning center. Full terms available on our terms page.

Included with each tuning job is a printout and/or email (your choice) of your tuning values and actual readings.


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