Subscriber Radio Tuning Service


Ensure your radios are operating at full performance with our tuning service. We use leading equipment and techniques to perform alignments faster and more accurately so that you can get the most performance out of your radio.

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Keep your radios operating in tip-top shape by getting them tuned regularly. Tuning is an integral process to maintain the functionality of your radio. A poorly tuned radio can result in reduced range, poor voice intelligibility, high error rates, intermittent issues when trunking, or even reduced device lifespan. We have the equipment and knowledge to ensure your radios are operating at their peak. Most radios can be aligned automatically, and rush jobs can be turned around in under 24 hours. Additionally, we utilize an atomic frequency reference to ensure that your alignments are as accurate as possible. This means that we can tune your radios faster and more accurately than the competition.

We can tune/align:

  • Motorola
    • Astro (XTS3000, Astro Spectra, Astro Saber)
    • Astro25 (XTS, XTL, Astro Digital Consolette)
    • XPR series (MotoTRBO)
    • APX Series
    • CDM/MaxTrac/Radius
  • Harris
    • XG Series
    • XL Series
  • EF Johnson/Kenwood
    • 5100 Series (includes ES)
    • 5300 Series (includes ES)
    • Viking VP/VM
  • DVMProject/MMDVM
    • Hotspots

Don’t see your radio on the list? Email us at and ask. Even if it’s not on the list, we can still probably tune it.

This service includes tuning for most subscriber units. Additional fees may be assessed for radios that are obscure or require special equipment to tune. Purchaser is responsible for shipping or pickup/dropoff to and from the tuning center. Full terms available on our terms page.

Included with each tuning job is a printout and/or email (your choice) of your tuning values and actual readings.


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